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Our Terms & Conditions

What IS Included in the Tour:

What is NOT included in the Tour

Travel insurance: Travellers on La Bella Vita Tours must have comprehensive travel insurance to be included on the tour. This is important to ensure that you are covered in the event of loss of deposit and cancellation fees, medical emergency expenses, personal accident, and to protect your baggage against any damage or loss.

Accommodation: Will be on a twin/double share basis. Very limited single accommodation may be available at a supplementary cost which is available upon request.

Deposit: To secure a booking on any tour, a non-refundable deposit of $A1,500 per person is required within 14 days via direct bank transfer following confirmation of booking to secure your place on the tour.  This will cover the cost of reservation deposits paid to our overseas contacts.

Final payment: The final payment by direct bank transfer is due 60 days prior to the commencement date of your tour.

Cancellation policy: We do hope that you don’t have to cancel your booking with us however, in the event that you do, our cancellation policy is as follows:

Health and fitness: Our tours involve activities which are designed to be enjoyed by anyone who has a reasonable level of fitness.  Obviously the fitter you are the more pleasant and fun the tour will be. Whilst our walking is generally conducted at a relaxed pace and is not over strenuous there are some areas that are steep and require the climbing of stairs and hills. We do recommend that you have a minimum level of fitness before commencing the tour - start walking now so that you are better prepared, fit and ready to enjoy yourself. If in doubt, we suggest that you seek medical advice before booking a tour.

Provision of services: La Bella Vita Tours will be responsible for supplying the services and accommodation described except where such services or accommodation cannot be supplied or the publicised itinerary cannot be used due to causes beyond the control of La Bella Vita Tours.

We are not liable for cancellation of journeys, deviations, delays or the failure to provide seats, berths or facilities for carrying or storing luggage or failure to provide accommodation, nor for any alteration or change of any kind made by airlines or accommodation services following the acceptance of any booking.

Liability: In accepting these terms you agree that La Bella Vita Tours, or any representative, is not liable for the damage, loss or injury to you or your belongings, either baggage or otherwise and is not liable for compensation in relation to ‘force majeure’ with regard to accommodation, transport or services which are beyond its control.

Changes in price before departure: If the exchange rate varies by more than 5%, after the deposit has been paid, La Bella Vita Tours reserves the right to adjust the price of the tour up to the departure date. This fluctuation will not occur if full payment has been received.

Changes to itinerary: La Bella Vita Tours will endeavour to comply with the advertised itinerary, however in the event of unexpected circumstances, the company reserves the right to make necessary changes to the itinerary.

Cancelled tour: In the event that La Bella Vita Tours cancels a tour, for whatever reason, you may have the choice to reschedule on a future tour or to request a full refund, which will be paid within 14 days. La Bella Vita Tours is not responsible for other costs incurred by you if the tour is cancelled.